How it Works




1. Reserve your dress: Once you've chosen a dress you love from our online wardrobe, select your size + back-up size to ensure the fit. Choose a delivery date and book for 5 or 8 day rental period.


2. Delivery: Your order will arrive on your selected delivery date via Royal Mail or DPD. You will receive an email and text message confirmation from the courier with a delivery timeslot. Once you have received your dresses, try them on and return the dress you will not wear within 24hrs of delivery. Email us proof of postage.


3. Wear: Dresses will be delivered dry cleaned and steamed and ready to wear. Incase the dress is too long, we recomend using fashion tape for temporarily alterations of the hem.


4. Return: We will take care of dry cleaning. All you need to do is post the dress back in the pre-paid Royal Mail envelope provided, on the 5th or 8th day of your rental period to avoid late fees. Please email proof of postage to 




Frequently Asked Questions



When do I return dresses?

Return dresses before, or on the last day of your rental.

If you place an order for a 5 day rental period, post the dresses back not later than on day 5 before 5pm. 




Do I need to Dry Clean dresses? 

No, we will take care of dry-cleaning!




How much does insurance cost?

Insurance is included in the rental price already.




What doesn't cover insurance?

Significant destructions like tear, cigarette burns or theft are not covered by insurance.




What if the dress I ordered doesn't fit?

It can be stressful not knowing whether a dress will fit, that's why we offer Free Back-up sizes to ensure the fit. 

Your options:


1. We can send you a replacement dress in time for your event for no extra charge.

2. Or if you wish we will refund your order back to your card.




Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by sending us an email to

To receive a refund please fill out cancellation form ( click here




Can I order two or more styles?

Yes you can! You can place an order for two different styles.

Return one of the styles back on the delivery date, only the dress with the highest rental value will be charged.




Can I keep both the original and back-up size for the full rental period?

Back up size is free only for 24hrs for you to try on.

Choose the dress that fits, and post the second size back using the pre-paid envelope provided.




How do I send the back-up size back? 

Every order includes a return envelope with pre-paid label attached.

Place the dress inside the envelope and drop it of at your nearest Post Office.

Keep proof of postage.




How does second size work?

We offer one back up size per order. When you add your size and back up size to your cart, you will pay only for one dress.

Try dresses on once they are delivered and post back the back-up size within 24hrs of delivery.




Can my package be delivered to a hotel or to my work?

If you would like your package to be delivered to a hotel or your office, please enter a different shipping address when placing the order.

It is advisable to contact the hotel first to ensure they will be able to accept and hold your delivery.




What time will my dress arrive?

All deliveries are made between 8am and 8pm during week days and Saturdays.

We will provide tracking information and a delivery time slot.




Can I have my order delivered the same day?

We offer same day delivery within Central London, however this is not always guaranteed.

Please get in touch before placing your order if your event is on the same day. 




Do you ship outside of the UK? 

We ship to most EU countries. 


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